Thursday, April 30, 2015

May meeting

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 5th May.  We'll be doing another knitting project this month.  This time it is something that we hope knitters will find useful.

We spotted this when we were looking on line :

The instructions are all there and also a note of what you need to complete the project.  If you would like to start the knitting before you come then please do.

Machine Knitters - you could knit pieces of the same size and use the purl side, however we can't guarantee it will look exactly the same, but it should work.

If you prefer not to make one of these, then you could bring your work in progress and continue with that.  

Look forward to seeing you, 8pm as usual and visitors are welcome.

April - oops!

Oops, guess who forgot her camera!  I did manage to get this photo, taken with my phone, but that's all.  We were making ducks for the Little Yellow Duck project (see the earlier entry for a link to the project).  I wonder how far these few get? I hope they give the finder as much pleasure as it did us to knit them.

Of course there was lots of chat and laughter as we knitted, and it was good to share the yarns, needles etc that we'd bought with us as well.

There were some show and tell items as well, but they didn't get photographed.  Sorry to those that bought them.  I will try and do better at our next meeting.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

April Meeting coming soon

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 7th April.  In the programme it says we will be having a hands-on evening but not what we will be doing.Well - we thought it time to do a little knitting for a change.

I was on one of my regular internet forums a couple of weeks ago and there was mention of this project .  The Little Yellow Duck Project is a global initiative highlighting the life-saving random acts of kindness of blood, bone marrow, and organ and tissue donation.   Basically you knit a duck, put a tag round it’s neck and leave it somewhere for someone to find and hope that they will sign up to one of the afor mentioned lists.  

I thought this appropriate for a number of reasons - the first because it's a good cause and needs promotion.  The second because it's Easter and spring (well it is here in the UK so they tell me!) and little fluffy yellow ducks are quite in keeping with the season.  They're cute - which is probably reason enough!

So, take a look at the website.  There are free patterns to download to help us make our ducks.  Choose which one or ones you’d like to knit and print the pattern.  Come along to the meeting armed with the yarn (yellow, white, orange and maybe a bit of black or brown), needles, pattern and a bit of stuffing and we’ll see how we get on.  There are tags available to download so you can name your duck if you wish or you can let the finder name it.

If you prefer not to join in, bring your current knitting project and work on that.  We'll also find time to sort out any problems you may have.

Hope to see you on Tuesday, 8pm as usual.

Adding crochet to buttons

 For our March meeting we did a bit of hands on.  We each brought along a four-holed button (or maybe a few), a crochet hook and some yarn and crocheted round them to make a pretty flower. A really small hook was required to go through the holes, but it can be done. We also tried crocheting a cover for a button.  Both techniques would be useful if you can't find a button to go with a garment you've made or just for decoration.

There was a bit of concentration involved, but there was still plenty of time for chatter and a lot of laughing!


 There was of course time for a bit of show and tell.  As usual I didn't make notes of who'd knitted what, so apologies if I haven't put your name against your item.

Of course I can't remember who knitted this beautiful outfit for a lucky baby.

But I can remember that Sue knitted this cardigan.  The yarn is Yeoman Grigna and the pattern is a free download from Long Buckby Machine Knitters website.

 Nina knitted this jumper.

But I've forgotten who knitted this - I think it was Sandra.

 Again my memory has let me down.  (note to self - write it down next time!)

 (don't ask me why that has come out as a caption - it did it all by itself and I can't get rid of it! and I can't get the picture below to move left or right!  Hey how, one day I might understand.)

 This is a section of a scarf knitted by Liz.  The yarn is from Drops Lace, 2ply and 70% alpaca, 30% silk. 

And last but not least two machine knit scarves, and once again I've forgotten who knitted them!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

March 2015 meeting

If you'd looked at our proposed programme for the year you would see that we were hoping to have a speaker this month.  Unfortunately it is getting harder to find anybody to talk on any subject relating to knitting, so we haven't been successful.

So - rather than just sit and chat we thought we'd keep your hands busy and get you doing something. If you take a look at this website  you will find instructions on how to make a decorative button.  English instructions are under all the pictures and foreign wording.

So what do you need to bring?  Well a button with four holes to start with.  Plus a crochet hook and some yarn.  I'd suggest that the crochet hook should be about 2mm in size if you are bringing 4 ply yarn.  Depending on the button(s) you bring you may find that the crochet hook won't fit through the holes.  If you have a smaller one that will fit through please bring it.  If not, we will have one or two there so can share.

I'm sure plenty of chatter will go on and don't forget show and tell as well.


Jean talked to us this month, about putting pockets in our knitwear - a subject applicable to both machine and hand knitters.  So many different options and things to think about.  Jean showed us some examples and gave some suggestions - thank you Jean for an interesting talk.

There were a number of items for show and tell.  All beautifully knitted as usual.  However I didn't make notes about who knitted what and my sieve-like brain has forgotten!  apologies to the knitters - I will try and do better next time. 

This lovely blanket isn't shown at it's best when photographed.

Our memberes are coming up with some lovely shawls.  As the number of stitches increases from around five or seven it doesn't seem like you're knitting hundreds on the last row!  It would be a different matter if you had to cast on 400 stitches!

This beautiful cardigan (knitted by Carole - yes I can remember that!) incorporates a pocket.  What a co-incidence - and it shows how neatly it can be done.

I think this garment was knitted by Christine.  It is a cardigan, with the main part knitted in the round, so that gives it a shawl collar.  Christine also incorporated sleeves.

If memory serves correctly, this was also knitted by Christine.  The colours haven't come out well in the photo as I think it was a blue/grey.  It has a very vintage feel to it and would be lovely to wear in spring and autumn and maybe even a cool summers day.

Now I do remember that this little bolero cardigan was knitted by Sandra.  The yarn has sequins incorporated into it, so it adds a little bit of sparkle.  There's a little girl somewhere wearing this now and feeling like a princess.

Monday, February 02, 2015

February 2015 meeting

It's tomorrow and if I spend too long writing this it will be today!

Our first meeting of 2015 is on Tuesday 3rd February.  It almost caught me out as it has come round very quickly.  Jean is going to be talking about pockets including where and how to put them into your garments.

I hope it hasn't caught you out and that you are able to make it.

8 pm as usual.

December 2014 update

How remiss of us not to have updated the blog before now.  So sorry to our regular readers. Time has slipped away from us.

We did get together in December and we had a lovely time looking at the many items brought along for the Friends of The Royal Marsden Hospital Sutton Branch.  The photos are of just some of the donations.  They were taken to the Hospital just a couple of days later and on sale within hours.

Stephanie knitted this colourful clown, having found the complete pattern in a magazine from a new club member. Stephanie had previously kept the yarn aside and the partial pattern from an old butchered magazine for a long time, hoping to find the whole pattern one day. 

Crochet blanket

An interesting use of raglan for the fastening details

Vee made this bolero jacket

Sue knitted this sweater with the side split detail and the back a bit longer than front, shown below

Liz demonstrated a new stitch design on the mid gauge machine

Monday, December 01, 2014

December 2014 meeting

Our last meeting of 2014 and a late reminder that it is Fleet Knitting Club tomorrow evening (Tuesday 2nd December).  Please come and join us for mince pies and tea or coffee.  No wine as most of us will be driving!

We will be collecting items for the Friends of the Royal Marsden, Sutton Branch, for their sales table.  Last year (2013) their sales tables raised over £14,000 from the sales of donated goods so I know they appreciate everything we send them.  If you would like to see what they do with the money raised please take a look at .  I will be delivering the handmade and new/unwanted items that you donate to the hospital as soon as possible so that they have them in time for sale before Christmas.

Of course there will also be a knitting machine at the meeting so that if there are any queries we can try and sort them out.  Plus if you have any hand knitting problems, bring them along and we will all put our heads together to see if we can solve them.

Don’t forget to bring your recently completed knitting to show.

We won’t be meeting in January, so I will take this opportunity to say Happy Christmas and Best wishes for 2015. 

Hope to see lots of you at the meeting.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fun with Finger Knitting

Lots of creativity happened during the last meeting. We cut up T shirts and other fabrics into strips and knitted up with needles, crochet hooks and fingers. Finger knitting with yarn was also tried. Here are a few pictures.

Cutting into strips

We also had show and tell items.
Nina machine knitted and decorated a short sleeved top with ribbon in diamonds design and drop beads hanging from the bows 

This is a machine knitted slip textured pattern knitted sideways

Sandra made this seamless baby jacket, using holding position, on the knitting machine

Sandra machine knitted this baby outfit
Close up of Liz's hand knitted shawl, showing beaded drop edge decoration

The whole hand knitted silk multi coloured shawl

Cast off edging giving a droplet effect

Close up of knitted in beads on this hand knitted shawl

Beautiful cashmere hand knitted shawl by Liz
We also had 3 busy sales tables.