Wednesday, October 07, 2015

October meeting

The October meeting was a busy hands-on session knitting and crocheting poppies for Armistice Day. There was an excellent turn-out, even with the horrid wet weather. Nina reminded us about the knit-in on November 14th. Final numbers will be totted up at the next meeting to ensure there is enough milk on the day.

Liz had made samples of each of the poppy patterns. Nina had made one on her knitting machine. 

Julie started the show and tell with 2 knitted shawls. A light and dark blue cloud-like shawl made from Drops superkid mohair and silk yarn. 

A colourful knitted shawl with a crochet edge made from King Cole Smooth DK.

Vee's visitor had made several blankets from knitted squares. 
Sandra had knitted a child's white and sparkly cardigan from King Cole Galaxy DK which incorporates sequins.

The hands-on session was very productive, and we took a photo at the end of the poppies made on the evening. 

Phyillis shared with us that the factory that makes the poppies is not far away in Richmond, and that they welcome visitors for tours of the poppy-making process. For more details:

Sunday, October 04, 2015

October meeting soon

Our October meeting is coming up soon - Tuesday 6th October.

This month we are planning to knit poppies to wear in remembrance of fallen servicemen.  There are lots of patterns available on the internet.  If you'd like to join in with this project please find yourself a pattern, print it out and come along with needles and yarn.  (Don't forget to pop a few coins in a collectors box to support this worthy cause.)

Should you prefer not to knit a poppy you could bring your work in progress and knit and natter for a while!

There will also be time for a show and tell so bring along anything unfinished.

Sad to say - I will be missing this meeting.  I'll be in London, setting up a the stand of the Guild of Machine Knitters ( at The Knitting and Stitching Show, Alexandra Palace,  (

But the club meeting will carry on without me - Tuesday 6th October 8pm.

Friday, September 11, 2015

September AGM and 'Show and Tell'

First meeting of the club year started with Annette collecting subs for the year, and handing out pocket-size printed programmes to members listing the speakers, hands-on sessions and challenges for the upcoming year.

As it was the first meeting of the year, it started with the AGM. 14 enthusiastic knitters turned out for the evening. Some suggested that the low turn-out might be because the first Tuesday was also the 1st of the month, so might have been a bit of a surprise to some people. Hopefully there won’t be too many people turning up at the hall next week!

There were a few bags of yarn and knitting books on the charity sales table this month, with all donations going to the Royal Marsden Hospital.

The AGM was swiftly started with a run-down of the accounts by Annette, and formal election of the new committee (details of which were printed in Liz’s summer letter emailed last month). Liz then took us through the programme of the events for the upcoming year.

In February we will be making felt balls, of the size appropriate for making jewellery, or embellishing a bag or scarf. An empty yellow plastic egg from inside a Kinder Egg will be needed, so a good excuse for a chocolate treat! Small scraps of wool yarn will also be needed, so start collecting off-cuts and tail-ends now. Only a handful or 2 will be needed.

Next month will be a hands-on session knitting a poppy. Some red yarn, and either black yarn or a black button will be needed, and either knitting needles or a crochet hook.

The 2016 annual challenge will be to knit the provided V-neck cardigan pattern, using a yarn from your stash. No gauge will be provided, as the pattern will work with any gauge, so use any yarn you like. Be creative with the yarn, stitch pattern and any trimmings, but avoid tuck and slip stitch as that will mess up the proportions. This project has the joy of no tension square! The pattern will be emailed to members this month. We look forward to seeing the range and variety of garments created from the same knitting pattern.

There was a discussion about whether to continue making knitted squares. There was a general lack of interest because they can be rather dull to knit. If you do make any squares, then bring them along and give them to Rita, who will continue to join them up into blankets. Christine has recently knit a lot of squares for Rita, and Rita brought along a blanket she had finished making up.

For those who also attend the local Wednesday morning Yateley group, it has moved to 11am - 1pm on Tuesdays, and relocated to Montego Hall.

With the AGM completed, the show and tell began, and everyone had been very busy over the summer.

Sandra machine knit a sideways skirt in pink Hobby and Silk using a Beverly Wall pattern.

Annette hand-knit a 2ft high Santa, who stands on his own, to go on display in a florist shop this winter.

Vee had knit a striped jumper with a trim, using Marion Nelson stitch pattern cards, with a crocheted neck.

Phyllis machine knit an Ann Brown cardigan in blue Silky and Shetland yarn, with internal seams bound in matching knitted bias binding.

Carole has been hand knitting hats based on doily patterns. A blue hat and scarf, and a pink hat and scarf.

Nina had hand knit a fluffy brown owl.

Christine has been playing with her 1940s shawl pattern. She brought along 3 variations: the original shawl, a lace variation in 4ply hand-knit over 100 stitches, and a variation with lapels hand knit using Shetland 3 ply over 120 stitches.

Liz hand knit a baby hat, a matching family set of ear warmers, and a finger “ring” cable needle holder.

The headbands were based on this pattern:

The cable ring holder is from this pattern:

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

September and the start of another new year.

I hope everyone has had a good summer.  

Our new year starts on Tuesday 1st September with our AGM.  That doesn't take long, so we will also be having a bit of a discussion about converting patterns from hand to machine, machine to hand and also to using a different yarn.  We'd also like members to bring along a favourite website name and share it with us.   Feel free to bring your knitting too so that you can work on it while we natter.

There will also be the usual show and tell so bring those along too.

We'll be e-mailing the summer letter round to everyone shortly so if you don't receive it please get in touch.

Visitors and new members are welcome to any of our meetings.  The meetings start at 8pm and we usually finish around 10 pm.  The car park isn't over large, so if the spaces have all been taken then double park.  We'll all be leaving around the same time so it won't inconvenience anyone.

Hope to see you on 1st September.

July and our Challenge Evening

We had just 5 entries in this years challenge.  It was to knit something using a ladder yarn.  From the comments received, club members just didn't have any idea what to knit.  We need to be more specific in the challenge next time.  Some of the entries didn't photograph well, partly due to the nature of them but also because we were indoors, however for the record these were the entries.

The one chosen as favourite is the one in the middle row, right hand side, a crochet head scarf/shawl.

There were a few items bought in for show and tell.  Jean crocheted this lovely angel.  Small enough to hang on your tree or for decorating anywhere.  She designed it herself.

Janet has made another crochet blanket.  She's still using up her stash but she assures us the quantity is going down - slowly!

Liz knitted this short sleeve jumper using her knitting machine and garter carriage.  She said that the top part of the jumper was knitted in stocking stitch as it isn't so easy to shape using the garter carriage.  It's quicker too.  Still needs to be pressed.

 Apologies to whoever knitted this - I didn't make a note and now I can't remember.  The zig-zag pattern on the body is caused by yarn, nothing the knitter did.

Stephanie  knitted this blue summer top on her knitting machine.  She said it wasn't finished yet.  She ran out of time to finish the pressing.

 And last, but not least, someone has been preparing for winter by knitting this scarf.  Another one where the picture doesn't do it justice!

I wonder what will be bought along for show and tell when we meet again in September?
Hopefully all the photos will stay where I put them, but sometimes the computer thinks it knows best!

Monday, July 06, 2015

July meeting tomorrow

It's been a busy month for me, so little time for actual knitting, although I've lots of ideas for things I would like to do!

It's our club meeting tomorrow night (Tuesday 7th July).  It caught me by surprise so the reminder is late.  I had intended to post at the end of last week, but events overtook and it didn't happen.

This month is the evening we have our annual knitting challenge.  This year you were asked to knit something using ladder yarn.  You could use as much or as little as you liked and it could be machine knitted, hand knitted, crocheted or a combination of any of the crafts.  I hope we get lots of entries.

I'm sure we will also find plenty to chat about, and don't forget to bring your recently finished knits for show and tell.

Visitors and new members are welcome even if you haven't got anything for the challenge!

8 pm as usual.

June meeting update

We got a knitting machine out - a Brother KX350 Mid Gauge machine and did some hand tooling.  (No photos of it in action as the demonstrator is also the photograpaher!)  There were a number of different cables and twists shown, plus a few other techniques.

Stephanie has seen this youtube video

  and wanted to see a live demonstration.  No problem!  Try it - we liked it and it was simple.

We also had the usual show and tell.  Christine was wearing a very intersting shrug.  Luckily there was a whiteboard and pen available so a few sketches and notes helped with the explanation of how it was knitted.

 Stephanie bought along this supper top that she had recently finished.
Janet has been stash busting again and bought along these two crochet blankets.  She says she still has yarn to use!

 Nina has knitted a summer top using thread lace.
 And Liz has completed another pair of socks (by hand) plus a summer top.  She knitted it to wear at the Guild of Machine Knitters National Guild Day and AGM.  They had challenged members to knit something to wear on the day.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

June meeting

Oh it’s come round quickly again!  Yes its Fleet Knitting Club again on Tuesday, 8 pm.  This time we will be doing some hand tooling of stitch patterns on a mid-gauge machine.  Simple but effective.  And most, if not all, of the techniques can be done by hand too.

Of course we’d also like to see what you’ve been knitting this month so do bring that along as well.
The date will be Tuesday 2nd June   The time is 8 pm.   Look forward to seeing you there.  Visitors and new members are welcome any time.

May meeting update

May - hasn't it gone quickly!  Still there is time for me to update you on the May meeting before it turns to June.

We had a lovely, chatty and busy evening.

Some were working on their own projects and some on the project of the evening.

This is the result of our evenings work - they are knitters bits holders! And some progress on our own projects of course but I didn't photograph that too.  See the pre-meeting post for the link to the website where we found the information about how to make them.And very useful they will be too.

And here now are some of the show and tell items - Carole knitted this lovely lacy shrug.  Just the think for a cool evening.

Nina knitted these three pink fleck cardigans for her three granddaughters.  (sorry the camera didn't want to take auto-flash - there was enough light in the room not to need it, but it gave an odd light to this photo.)

More from Carole - an evening stole this time beautifully knitted and pressed.

Another one from Carole - a cowl neck warmer- all ready now for the cooler weather

Janet crocheted these two lap blankets.  Just the job for using up all those odd bits that are left at the end of a  larger project.
 We do like to see what our members have knitted and hope you enjoy looking at them too.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

May meeting

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 5th May.  We'll be doing another knitting project this month.  This time it is something that we hope knitters will find useful.

We spotted this when we were looking on line :

The instructions are all there and also a note of what you need to complete the project.  If you would like to start the knitting before you come then please do.

Machine Knitters - you could knit pieces of the same size and use the purl side, however we can't guarantee it will look exactly the same, but it should work.

If you prefer not to make one of these, then you could bring your work in progress and continue with that.  

Look forward to seeing you, 8pm as usual and visitors are welcome.

April - oops!

Oops, guess who forgot her camera!  I did manage to get this photo, taken with my phone, but that's all.  We were making ducks for the Little Yellow Duck project (see the earlier entry for a link to the project).  I wonder how far these few get? I hope they give the finder as much pleasure as it did us to knit them.

Of course there was lots of chat and laughter as we knitted, and it was good to share the yarns, needles etc that we'd bought with us as well.

There were some show and tell items as well, but they didn't get photographed.  Sorry to those that bought them.  I will try and do better at our next meeting.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

April Meeting coming soon

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 7th April.  In the programme it says we will be having a hands-on evening but not what we will be doing.Well - we thought it time to do a little knitting for a change.

I was on one of my regular internet forums a couple of weeks ago and there was mention of this project .  The Little Yellow Duck Project is a global initiative highlighting the life-saving random acts of kindness of blood, bone marrow, and organ and tissue donation.   Basically you knit a duck, put a tag round it’s neck and leave it somewhere for someone to find and hope that they will sign up to one of the afor mentioned lists.  

I thought this appropriate for a number of reasons - the first because it's a good cause and needs promotion.  The second because it's Easter and spring (well it is here in the UK so they tell me!) and little fluffy yellow ducks are quite in keeping with the season.  They're cute - which is probably reason enough!

So, take a look at the website.  There are free patterns to download to help us make our ducks.  Choose which one or ones you’d like to knit and print the pattern.  Come along to the meeting armed with the yarn (yellow, white, orange and maybe a bit of black or brown), needles, pattern and a bit of stuffing and we’ll see how we get on.  There are tags available to download so you can name your duck if you wish or you can let the finder name it.

If you prefer not to join in, bring your current knitting project and work on that.  We'll also find time to sort out any problems you may have.

Hope to see you on Tuesday, 8pm as usual.