Monday, June 30, 2014

July meeting

Sorry - a late post from me, but not quite too late.

The next club meeting with be tomorrow, Tuesday 1st July.  Perhaps that's what caught me out as it is really as early in the month as it can be.

Anyway - what will we be doing?  It's the month where we bring along the things you've made for our Challenge.  This year it is to knit something incorporating beads, buttons or sequins.  I look forward to seeing what you've all made.  And don't forget there will be a prize for the entry that is voted best by the members present on the night.  To make things as fair as possible, all entries should arrive in a bag, and the bags placed in a box so the knitter is unknown to the other members.  Shirley will then open each bag and put the contents on the table with a number.  Simple? well we hope so.

That's only going to take up part of the evening, so what else will be happening?  Well there will be a sales table.  Yarn, knitting books and other craft items will be on there, so bring your purse just in case there's something you like.  

And of course we will do a bit of knitting.  Either bring a work in progress, or have a go at knitting a puff.  You'll need 3 double pointed needles and some yarn if you want to have a go. 

If you've completed any knitting or crochet this month, do bring it along for show and tell.  We like seeing what others have made and it gives us inspiration to try something similar, or ask about a technique.

Hope to see lots of you there.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer is Here!

Linda Newington is Head of Library and Archive Collections for Art and Design at Winchester School of Art and gave a very interesting presentation at our last meeting. Linda explained about her 'In the Loop' project that has seen various exhibitions and workshops about knitting crafts. We were all spellbound by the stories and pictures she shared with us. There was a lot of information about copyright and trademarks that had made it difficult to electronically catalogue and make the collections available to the public. Some very old knitting books have been scanned and made available so it is possible to read them on the website and knit some items as they may have been knitted so many years ago.

Our members had also brought in a few items for show and tell.

 Sally had made a great hat with illuminations!


Saturday, May 31, 2014

June meeting coming soon

Our June meeting is coming up fast!  Tuesday 3rd June 8 pm at the St Johns Ambulance Hall as usual.

We have a special treat for you.  A speaker!  Linda Newington is Head of Library and Archive Collections for Art and Design at Winchester School of Art, a specialist art and design library, of the University of Southampton Library.  She will be telling us about the collection of knitting books and knitted pieces that are looked after by the University.  I don’t think she will be allowed to bring any of the pieces with her, but she will be bringing digital photographs and talking about the collection. And I am sure she will explain how you can view some of the collection on line.

I’m sure you will find it a fascinating evening.

For those that can’t make it on Tuesday, may I remind you that at the following meeting in July it will be our Challenge evening, when we ask you to bring along something you’ve knitted that includes buttons, beads or sequins.  Don’t show or tell anyone else what you are bringing as we will all be voting for our favourites on the night.  All entries should be anonymous and there will be prizes for the favourite entries.  More about this on Tuesday and e-mails next month.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Knitted Jewellery

This month the club members brought along yarn, beads, needles, a knitting machine, cord knitting machines and crochet tools and made some jewellery. A couple of pieces of Show and Tell too.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

May meeting - what's happening!

We had hoped that Susan would be able to come and talk to us about knitting and her business designing and supplying high end knitwear, but unfortunately she isn't well.  So we've rebooked her for later in the year.

What are we going to do instead?  How about making some knitted jewellery?  We've got lots of ideas and we think you'll also come up with some more on the evening.

Jewellery is great for presents, and knitted jewellery is unusual.  You won't find anyone else wearing the same piece as you.  And just to give you a bit of an idea of what we will be doing take a look at the pictures below.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April and Shawls for extra warmth!

Shawls - round, square and triangular and in a variety of yarns and stitches.  And they were all beautiful!  Some knitted by hand and some on the knitting machine.  We also made on during the evening.  Some of those brought in had been shown on previous occasions, so we haven't put their pictures up - look back at the show and tells to find them.

This circular shawl uses colour changes and a lace stitches to give the wave pattern.

This is one that starts with just a few stitches and you increase on every row. Plus you work in the pattern!

Another beautiful shawl.

This one is in the making.  Start with 5 stitches and increase on every row till you get to about 400. All garter stitch. Then cast off!  The yarn is 100% silk from Debonnaire

The shawl in the foreground is knitted from the 3S shawl pattern, downloaded from Ravelry. The yarn is Corriedale with 25% bamboo.  The red yarn on cone is 80% Cashmere, 20% silk and is being knitted, by hand, into another shawl.

Here's just a couple of the books that were brought if.

Work in progress - the shawl we knitted during the evening!  Grace did a great job - her first time using a knitting machine and she mastered increasing and decreasing.

And now for the things brought in for show and tell.

This interesting garment is a bed shawl.  We haven't got a back view but look at the neckline and you'll see it was knitted as one straight strip and the collar and edging added to aid shaping.

Someone's been trying thread lace - this is a swatch for a planned garment.  Hope to see the finished one soon.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

April is just around the corner

Only a few days to go to our April Meeting.  Tuesday 1st April and as early in the month as it could be!

We've changed the programme slightly as we are in the process of making the final arrangements for a speaker for May.  We had hoped that she would be able to come in April, but prior commitments do not permit it, so we opted for May rather than not at all.  As soon as we have everything in place we will let you know and hopefully that will be at the meeting on Tuesday.

So what will we be doing in April? That's easy - we've brought forward the topic from May, namely "shawls".  Both and and machine knitted and very fashionable.  They can sometimes take a while to knit so we thought that April would be a good time to discuss them and you'd  have time to knit for when it was needed again.

If you've knitted a shawl already please bring it along to show. Don't worry if you haven't we'd be pleased to see you any way.

We will be meeting at 8 pm as usual and look forward to seeing you.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Wonders of the Garter Bar

The talk this month was all about how to use the Garter Bar and its many practical applications.

It comes usually in a box with a number of lengths for transfering stitches onto from the knitting machine, as well as parts that block movement of stiches on the needlebed, while applying the stitch transfer movements. They usually only fit standard gauge machines.

There were clear instructions on the correct side up to use the bar to begin transfer and then on turning to replace stitches back on needles. Bumps down to start transfer off the needlebed and bumps up to replace back onto the needlebed so the open needles catch the stitch from within the hollow. 

Before the talk we had show and tell.

This crocodile scarf is a great design idea

Friday, February 28, 2014

March 2014 meeting

Another month has flown by!  It's almost time for the March meeting, which will be on Tuesday 4th March.  8pm till about 10 pm as usual.

Jean is going to be talking about garter stitch and showing how to use the garter bar on a knitting machine.  It's promising to be a very informative evening so I do hope you'll be able to make it.

Members of the Guild of Machine Knitters are reminded to bring their renewal form and payment to the meeting.

And I'm sure there will be time for a bit of show and tell as well, so please bring along anything you've finished, or work in progress that will be passed on before the next meeting.

Don't forget that it is Machine Knitting Live at Bournemouth on 1st March.  See the Machine Knitting Monthly website for more details.

Looking forward to seeing lots of you on Tuesday, 8 pm.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A bit of Grafting

It is so important to be able to neatly construct garment pieces together and produce a professional finish. Otherwise all the hard work making, can be so disappointing once it comes together. It really does make or break a garment or well knitted shawl or blanket.

Liz provided handout notes with easy to follow pictures and instructions for different seaming and joining techniques. It did feel fiddly to get started and to get it right, but once the first stictches were made, the rest got easier and the results well worth the effort.

These are the pictures from the show and tell

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hands on in February

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 4th Februar, 8 pm start.

It's a hands-on evening where we get to try something different, or brush up on some of the techniques we don't try that often.  It's not easy finding one that is applicable to both machine and hand knitters, but we have had requests for kitchiner stitch, also known as grafting, and mattress stitch.

Both of these finishing stitches/techniques make all the difference to a garment if done correctly.  A neat professional finish is important.

For this evening it is helpful if you can do a little bit of preparation.  

Machine knitters - please knit two swatches, approx 20 stitches x 60 rows with a closed cast on and cast off.  Also  two swatches of a similar size with a closed cast on and take off the machine on waste yarn.  They can be knitted in any 4 smooth ply yarn, using a suitable tension for the yarn.

Hand knitters - please cast on and knit two swatches approx 20 stitches by 60 rows (can be less) and then cast off.  Any cast on and cast off will do.  Also two swatches of a similar size, but don't cast off; leave the work on two separate needles.  Can be knitted in any smooth yarn.

All - by smooth I mean no slubs, knops or other textures.  Please bring a couple of lengths of contrasting yarn of a similar ply for making the stitches (contrast yarn makes it easier to see what you are doing).  And please bring a yarn needle with you as well.

We're hoping that you will all join in.

There will also be time for show and tell, so please bring along your finished projects for us to see.

Look forward to seeing you all again after our Christmas break.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Community Spirit

We had a special visitor in December, Hart councillor Stephen Gorys. Stephen had an opportunity to see the huge pile of goodies created and donated for our sponsored charity, the Friends of Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton. After giving us great insight into his role with Hart, we recalled what we had supported locally, earlier in the year with the Knit in Public day and the colourful blankets we had made for local charity.

After show and tell we all tucked into homemade mince pies.